About the company

HeadPoint is a national software developer. It is part of SYSTEMATICA GROUP OF COMPANIES (GCS), a leading system integrator in Russia.

It offers complex solutions for creating geographically distributed video monitoring systems, integrated security systems and the industrial internet of things based on InOne’s proprietary integration modular platform.

We help companies to take it to the new development level

  • Intellect

    Our expertize ensures that the most complicated tasks are solved to assure leadership of our clients.

  • Adaptability

    Understanding the real needs of the business and flexibility in technology applications helps us to adapt to any task.

  • Evolution

    Phased transformation allows creation of large-scale IIoT systems with controlled load on business.

Our services

  • Auditing and consulting

    Our experts will consult you on all aspects of digitization of your business and determine the optimal level of automation for your business tasks.

  • Design

    The platform is adaptable, which allows it to meet specific customer and industry requirements.

  • Development and implementation

    InOne integrates existing security, monitoring and video surveillance systems for complete process control.

  • Personnel training

    The specialy-designed program will allow your employees to quickly and efficiently master the platform management techniques.

  • Support and development

    InOne has the potential for expanding its capabilities with plug-ins without changing the system architecture.

  • Developer supervision

    HeadPoint experts support the project at all stages, they ensure continuous monitoring of operability of all system components.

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