The IoT integration platform for a quick transition to a new level of digitalization

Open up the potential
of InOne IoT platform

  • Digital evolution

    The platform allows using the full potential of existing technical infrastructure. Now, digital evolution is available in a phased mode and from any technological level of business development.

  • Smart automation

    Centralized data management and emergency management allow making «smart decisions» quickly. Flexible role model adjustment effectively distributes the responsibilities between the personnel.

  • Stable development

    The 24/7 control of equipment and personnel activities ensures the continuity of all production and management processes. Conveniently scheduled automatic video and photo reports reduce the time to perform routine processes. InOne timely stabilizes abnormal situations manner and minimizes the risks of their recurrence.

Digital impetus
in traditional industries

  • Financial

    The InOne IoT platform Learn how to control cash operations, cash register security, and in-store customer service quality with «InOne. Cash Transaction Monitoring».

  • Production

    InOne’s IoT platform can be efficiently and flexibly integrated into enterprise systems, complementing and optimizing the digital standards of industry leaders. Become a market leader, assuring energy efficiency, automatic equipment operation mode adjustment, integrated production safety system and quality control of maintenance departments. Select «InOne. Equipment Monitoring».

  • Integrated

    InOne’s IoT platform provides a wide range of opportunities for law enforcement and public safety, both at a single site and across the city. Combining all structures in a single response center reduces the decision making time and cuts the number of incidents. Krasnodar Kray and Moscow already use «InOne. Unified Video Surveillance System» to operate under the Safe City model.

Examples of solutions based
on InOne IIoT platform

Establishment of the unified data storage center of Moscow
State, Video surveillance, Safety
Establishment of the unified data storage center of Moscow
Creation of a single platform for the intergation of video surveillance information systems in the Krasnodar region
State, Video surveillance, Safety, Engineering infrastructure
Creation of a single platform for the intergation of video surveillance information systems in the Krasnodar region
Cash Transaction Monitoring
Banks, Video surveillance, Safety
Cash Transaction Monitoring
Monitoring and control of the refrigeration equipment temperature regime
Retail, Engineering infrastructure
Monitoring and control of the refrigeration equipment temperature regime

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