Partnership with HeadPoint

Greater power and strength together. Together, we have greater strength to overcome barriers, we possess powerful resources for launching long-term, large-scale projects.

Becoming a partner

  • System integrators
    • Strengthening market position
    • Enhancement of own portfolio with ready-made digital products
    • Fast access to the Industrial Internet of Things market
  • For industry integrators
    • Solidify your digital leader status
    • Scale up your existing projects
    • Integrate with existing infrastructure
  • For technology partners
    • Participate in large-scale projects
    • Create new digital solutions
    • Grow together with a strong vendor

Additional benefits

  • Reliable industry solutions
    for entering a client’s portfolio
    • InOne. Automated Cash Transaction Monitoring.
    • InOne. Automated Equipment Monitoring.
    • InOne. Unified Video Surveillance System.
  • We will design an adapter
    for your equipment

    Together with your terminal equipment, it will be a new, high-performance product.

  • Joint launching
    of large-scale projects

    Freedom in creation of unique digital solutions.

    Resource for overcoming industry barriers.

    Together, we possess greater resources for launching long-term, large-scale projects.

  • Fast

    Selling licenses for our solution will allow making additional profits.

  • ОЕМ

    From the manufacturer’s point of view, we allow you to label the interface with your own logo.

  • Help with

    Expert and technical support of the project at all stages.

  • Efficient

    Well-established communication to stimulate sales and provision of information materials on the product.

Our partners

Establishment of the unified data storage center of Moscow
State, Video surveillance, Safety
Establishment of the unified data storage center of Moscow
Creation of a single platform for the intergation of video surveillance information systems in the Krasnodar region
State, Video surveillance, Safety, Engineering infrastructure
Creation of a single platform for the intergation of video surveillance information systems in the Krasnodar region
Cash Transaction Monitoring
Banks, Video surveillance, Safety
Cash Transaction Monitoring
Monitoring and control of the refrigeration equipment temperature regime
Retail, Engineering infrastructure
Monitoring and control of the refrigeration equipment temperature regime
Video monitoring and incident response system
Retail, Video surveillance, Safety
Video monitoring and incident response system
Monitoring construction stages using a video surveillance system
Oil and gas industry, Video surveillance, Safety
Monitoring construction stages using a video surveillance system
Monitoring and control of urban parking space
State, Video surveillance
Monitoring and control of urban parking space
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