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Monitoring construction stages using a video surveillance system

Video surveillance, Safety
Monitoring construction stages using a video surveillance system
  • Customer

    Stroygasconsulting LLC

  • About project

    Required capacity:

    • Integration of video streams from 2 different video surveillance systems
    • Providing timely reliable information on progress of construction and production operations from remote locations, using existing video surveillance systems
  • Goals
    • Integration of video streams from different video surveillance systems and cameras of different manufacturers
    • Stable operation of the system in complicated climatic conditions and satellite communications channels
    • Control of communications channel load and optimization of video traffic

    Monitoring construction work stages and observance of safety rules on site:

    • remote surveillance of facility construction progress;
    • control over the efficiency of construction and logistics management on site;
    • safety monitoring;
    • control of observance of construction standards and technologies.

Features and implementation indicators

  • A convenient way to visual control of periodic or long-term work where it is not possible or not necessary to create a video archive
  • Capturing still-frame images through a flexible schedule
  • Various options for viewing photo archives, including fast playback in single-frame mode
  • Export of photo reports for subsequent processing

Monitoring construction work dynamics:

  • ensuring 24/7 control of construction progress on remote sites, at corporate monitoring center and for supervisors;
  • convenient generation of photo and video reports for management;
  • quick control of accomplished work dynamics over a long period.
Monitoring construction stages using a video surveillance system
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