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Establishment of the unified data storage center of Moscow

Video surveillance, Safety
Establishment of the unified data storage center of Moscow
  • Customer

    Mosgortelecom SPI

  • About project

    Required capacity:

    • Over 175,000 video cameras in the system
    • Over 60,000 users
    • Over 10 PB of archived video data

    Project specifics:

    • Multiple independent autonomous video surveillance systems
    • Multi-vendor fleet with an abundance of different access protocols
    • Separate storages of photo and video archives with different interfaces and interaction algorithms
  • Goals

    Building a city-wide video surveillance system by combining the existing multi-vendor fleet of video surveillance systems.

    Provide flexible access rights management for different categories of users:

    • employees of federal government bodies;
    • Moscow city Mayor;
    • representatives of Municipal Administration and Municipal Management;
    • law enforcement and executive authority.

    Improving operating efficiency of Moscow city security system.

    Implementation of the video surveillance terminal network based on the service model, in the framework of which video surveillance cameras and communications channels will belong to telecom operators, and the city will receive the service in the form of video images of the required quality to provide access to consumers and transfer for storage in a single center.

    Ensuring monitoring and management of the condition of urban facilities (adjacent territories, roads, green areas, water supply network, etc.).

Features and implementation indicators

One of the largest video surveillance systems in the world.

The project is constantly expanding and developing in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

Integration of video streams from different video surveillance systems and more than 175,000 cameras:

  • single access to video archives regardless of physical location;
  • long-term storage and export of archives upon user request;
  • different schemes of connection to terminal equipment;
  • different video equipment manufacturers;
  • connection of video equipment for service model services.

Subsystems designed by HeadPoint

Control of access procedures:

  • providing flexible access rights management for different categories of users;
  • regulated access to all information.

Key indicators of system implementation

Still working under load:

  • Over 2500 contemporary user connections
  • Over 120 different access levels and rights
  • Over 175,000 video cameras in the system
  • Over 60,000 users
  • Over 10 PB of archived video data

As of 2019, cameras are installed at:

  • More than 100,000 entrance halls
  • About 20,000 yard areas
  • Over 25,000 public places
Establishment of the unified data storage center of Moscow. Scheme
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