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Creation of a single platform for the intergation of video surveillance information systems in the Krasnodar region

Video surveillance, Safety, Engineering infrastructure
Creation of a single platform for the intergation of video surveillance information systems in the Krasnodar region
  • Customer

    Safe Region, State Public Institution of Krasnodar Region

  • About project

    Required capacity:

    • Integration of video streams from different video surveillance systems and 11,000+ cameras
    • Providing a single interface for access to regional and urban video surveillance systems for employees of various government and security agencies

    Project specifics:

    • Multiple independent autonomous video surveillance systems
    • Multi-vendor fleet, providing different protocols and program interfaces
    • Separate storages of photo and video archives with different interfaces and interaction algorithms
  • Goals

    Improving the efficiency of life safety in the Region:

    • combining the existing multi-vendor fleet of video surveillance systems and building a single video surveillance system on a regional scale;
    • increasing the efficiency of budget utilization in the expansion of the system;
    • providing a single unified access to video data.

Features and implementation indicators

Universal access to existing video surveillance systems:

  • different schemes of connection to terminal equipment;
  • different video equipment manufacturers;
  • single access to streams regardless of physical location;
  • accessing and exporting video archives upon user request;
  • support of PTZ control;
  • flexible management of camera and system function access rights;
  • video stream replication, without additional load on video source;
  • user selection of transmission quality;
  • limiting the volume of video data transmitted from a site and managing broadcast parameters when working with remote locations;
  • monitoring the operability of the connected equipment;
  • user action logging.

11 cities and large settlements of the Region:

  • single web access to existing video surveillance systems deployed at municipal infrastructure facilities, airports, train stations, stadiums.

Control of access procedures:

  • regulated access to all information;
  • cryptographic Information Protection Facilities for communications channels and user connections.

System users:

  • Situation Center of the Head of Administration of Krasnodar Region;
  • Crisis Management Center of EMERCOM of Russia for Krasnodar Region;
  • Unified Duty Dispatcher Service, city of Krasnodar;
  • Unified Duty Dispatcher Service, city of Sochi;
  • Chief Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Krasnodar Region;
  • Administration of Russian Federal Security Service.
Creation of a single platform for the intergation of video surveillance information systems in the Krasnodar region. Scheme
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