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Cash Transaction Monitoring

Video surveillance, Safety
Cash Transaction Monitoring
  • Customer

    A major Russian bank: 69 regional affiliates, 1200 branches, over 3000 counting-and-sorting machines.

  • About project
    • Integration of counting-and-sorting machines: 3000+ machines in 1200 offices in Russia
    • Creation of a system of objective remote control over the activities of cashiers of the Bank's divisions
    • Reducing operational risks of loss of the Bank's valuables and cash discipline violations
  • Goals
    • Ensuring control over observance of the procedure for conducting cash transactions with the Bank's valuables, improving the organization of cash operations, identifying and investigating cases of loss of the Bank's cash by cash employees when conducting transactions with them.
    • Optimizing the process for settlement of disputed situations with the Bank's Customers, excluding the possibility for fraudulent actions on the part of the Bank's Customers or visitors.
    • Creating a system that allows monitoring of the Bank's cash transactions without linking one camera to the source of events. Providing flexible perspective for a comprehensive assessment of the event.

Features and implementation indicators

  • Maintenance of photo and video archives from 3000 fixed cameras over 10k
    • ensuring simple and convenient access to video cameras and video archives deployed on remote sites;
    • convenient navigation and quick access to viewing video fragments for all cash transactions;
    • logbook for monitoring the export of archives, the creation of long-term incident archives;
    • limiting the time interval for unloading archives from remote sites to reduce the load on communication channels;
    • captioning of information about the transaction when exporting to a video file;
    • integration with the bank’s security system to send user action protocols.
  • Cash operating unit monitoring system
    • merging of video surveillance systems and security systems
    • generation of a digital log of operations on counting-and-sorting machines, with detailed information about the operation
  • Key indicators of system implementation
    • 24-hour continuous monitoring and control of cash operations
    • continuous monitoring and control of the activities of the Bank’s employees and the quality of interaction during the investigation of incidents
    • automated detection of incidents, suspicious events and control of equipment failures
    • real-time notification of the supervisors in case of emergency situations with equipment and personnel.
Cash Transaction Monitoring. Scheme
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